Using WPCD.CLOUD is easy!

Signup For An Account

A free account gives you 2 servers and 10 sites while a Cloud Basic account gives you unlimited servers and sites at DigitalOcean or Linode (Akamai)

Run The Setup Wizard

Login to your account and run the setup wizard located at the top of the screen.  This will help you connect to your server provider and create any required SSH keys in your account.

Setup Your First Server

Click the PROVISION A WORDPRESS SERVER button to create your first server.

Setup Your First Site

When the server has finished deploying you can add your first site.

You can add as many sites as you like to the server (subjected, of course, to server capacity constraints).

How WPCD.CLOUD Works For SaaS Builders

It's Easy and Convenient!

Provision Two Servers

After signing up for an account, you'll deploy two servers - one for your site templates and one for your customer sites.

Setup Your Template Site

Create a site on your template server and configure it with plugins, themes, pages etc. so that it has all the features you want for your customers.

Connect The Store

Connect your template sites to WooCommerce and connect WooCommerce to your payment provider (usually Stripe or Paypal).

Start Selling

Create pricing pages and other marketing materials connected to your store; start promoting your new SaaS to prospects!