Easily build & leverage your own WordPress infrastructure.

Whether you're building to support your agency, a startup or creating a SaaS, WPCD.Cloud is will get you there!

100% Built On WordPress • 100% Open Source

Gain a MASSIVE Increase In Your Price-Performance Ratios

Traditional Hosts are EXPENSIVE

You pay a HUGE premium when you let others control your WP infrastructure.

Dramatically Better Performance

You'll see dramatically lower costs per unit of performance when deploying your own servers with wpcd.cloud.

No Markups for Your Servers

Servers are deployed directly to your own accounts.  So you pay the price your provider advertises and not one penny more.

100% Focused on WordPress

General Features

Centralized Dashboard

Deploy & manage all your servers and sites from a central location.

Integrated Server Providers

Direct integration with 10 server providers.

Build a SaaS

Use advanced options such as WooCommerce integration and Multi-tenancy to build a SaaS on WordPress.

Familiar UI

Your management console is inside wp-admin - making it easier to get up and running fast!

Grow Your Business & Your Brand

Promote Your Brand

Easily add your logos, brand colors and more.

Extremely Customizable

Build custom features as standard WordPress plugins

Translation & Localization

Deploy in your language using your standard WP localization skills.

Special Requests

We'll custom build to your requirements.

It's Free To Start!

Deploy 2 Servers and up to 10 Sites for free today!

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Essential Server Features

Multiple Web Servers

Choice of two web servers: NGINX or OpenLiteSpeed

Familiar Tech Stack

Linux • MariaDB • PHP 7 or 8 • Memcached or Redis


Multiple Firewalls • Malware scanner • Nightly security updates • More...


Whole server backups (all sites) or individual site backups offer flexibility

Integrated Server Providers

DigitalOcean • Linode (Akamai) • Vultr • Hetzner • UpCloud • Exoscale • Azure • AWS EC2 • AWS Lightsail • Google Cloud • Vult Bare Metal • Proxmox (enterprise only) • Openstack (enterprise only)

Key Site Features

  • Clone sites
  • Multiple staging sites
  • Copy sites between servers
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Multiple sFTP Users
  • Performance-focused page caching
  • Efficient & flexible crons
  • Multiple PHP versions
  • Multiple firewall levels
  • Theme & plugin updates
  • Bulk operations

Key SaaS Builder Features

  • Build your Saas on WordPress
  • Use WooCommerce as Your Store
  • Scale Massively into Multiple Regions
  • Disk Quotas
  • Plugins by Plan & Product
  • Themes by Plan & Product
  • Flexible Customer Billing Plans
  • Multiple Payment Provider Options

    Stripe, Paypal & Others

  • Flexible Tenant Cancellation Options
  • Multiple Site Deployment Options
  • Mix & match standard and/or multi-tenant sites
  • Unlimited Product Templates
  • Set Resource Limits Per Plan/ Product

It's Everything You Need To Run Your WordPress Business

You Can Get Started For Free - No Credit Card Required.

Deploy 2 Servers and up to 10 Sites for free today!