Feature Release 5.3

The first feature release 2023 is here and includes the following:

New: Terminal Output Colors

You can now set the color for the ‘terminal’ when using features that require long-running commands. This can be useful for folks who might need certain accessibility related accommodations.

New: Delete Server Record

You can now delete a server record without deleting the server at the cloud provider.

This is similar to the site delete / trash option that allows for a site record to be deleted without removing the site files from the server.

Only WPCD.Cloud admins will be able to delete a server record.

New: PHP 8.2 Support For Sites

PHP 8.2 will be an option for sites on new servers. It will also be an option for the default version for the server level PHP cli.

Note that WordPress is not yet certified on PHP 8.2 so this version should only be used in dev and test sites.

Tweak: Email Gateway TLS Options

By default, the Email Gateway enables TLS. But, there are some deployment use-cases where this is not desired. So we now allow you to disable TLS if so desired.

Tweak: Retention Days

When disabling AUTOMATIC BACKUPS on a server, we now keep the original specified retention days value in the UI instead of reverting back to the system default value of 7.

This prevents users from thinking that the retention days feature is not working or that the value is not being respected.

Tweak: Callbacks

Callbacks have been updated to better handle unexpected return values from apt-get. This should resolve an issue that appeared recently on certain DigitalOcean deployments.

Deprecated & Removed Features

  • The 6G Firewall tab is no longer shown on new servers.
  • If you’re not using the 6G firewall you can now remove the rules from your server (see the server UPGRADES tab). Once removed, there will be no option to re-add them.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 is no longer an option when creating new servers.

Miscellaneous Changes and Fixes

  • Tweak: Use the latest version of the 7G firewall (version 1.6).
  • Fix: HTTP2 could not be enabled
  • Fix: A 500 error / hard php error was thrown when using the SELECT2 filter for owners in the app screen (the select2 filter only shows if the number of users is greater than 25.)
  • Fix: Certain filters in the server and site list were not working when the language was set to something other than English.
  • Fix: Disabling/Enabling browser cache tweak was not working for OLS.
  • Fix: OLS Auto-restart cron when .htaccess file changes was not working as intended.
  • Fix: Missing variable value when installing memcached. Harmless – just threw a php warning.
  • Fix: Remove nginx related sections in the fail2ban tab when the web server is an OLS server.
  • Fix: Handle an SSH message related to Multisite wildcard ssl – when ssl was already disabled we weren’t flipping the appropriate metas.
  • Fix: Special code to handle update count issue with DigitalOcean servers.
  • Fix: The file name conventions used by the CACHE ENABLER plugin for nginx was changed – update bash scripts to match. (Thanks @msalaj for pointing this out).
  • Fix: Better handling for duplicate letsencrypt folders that end with -00xx.
  • Fix: WPAPP – When multisite SSL is on, the status was not shown properly in the site list.
  • Dev: Preliminary foundation set for moving SERVER PROVIDER and DNS data into custom tables.
  • Dev: Use global function to reset site permissions (refactor).
  • Dev: Add option for executing local post-processing scripts after a site is cloned.
  • Dev: New filters available when displaying info in the server actions column.
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