WordPress Server Management Made Easy

We just pushed a new release of FireupWP to production – our 3rd release in six weeks. We’ve been on a 2-4 week release cadence for the last few months.

So, with the vast amount of changes we’ve introduced we figured we’d re-introduce users to how easy it is to manage WordPress servers on our platform.

Once servers have been linked and/or created on FireupWP, managing them is really really simple!

Install WordPress

Head over to the server list and just click the Install WordPress button. Fill in the data about your domain name and passwords. Then click the green Install button. Less than five minutes later you should have a brand new site!

Add SSL To A WordPress Site

Today, every production site (and most dev sites) should have SSL enabled. On WPCD.Cloud it’s just a couple of clicks:

  • First, find your site in the list and click on it’s title to get to the site details screen.
  • Click on the SSL tab
  • Click the toggle button.

Setup Automatic Backups

WPCD.Cloud can back up your sites to your Amazon AWS S3 bucket. To do this:

  • First, find your site in the list and click on it’s title to get to the site details screen.
  • Click on the Backup & Restore tab
  • Enter your S3 credentials and bucket name if not already entered and click the Save Credentials button.
  • Scroll down to the Automatic Backups – All Current And Future Sites On This Server section.
  • Click the Schedule It toggle to enable backups.

Other WordPress Management Tasks

Just about everything you need to manage any of your WordPress sites is just a few clicks away:

  • Enable A Page Cache: Click on the Cache tab.
  • Setup sFTP users: Click on the sFTP Tab
  • Clone your site to a new domain: Click on the Clone Site tab.
  • Copy your site to a new server: Click on the Copy To Server site – this one is great when you have a template site that you reuse over and over again.
  • Switch PHP versions: Click on the PHP tab.
  • Manage your database: Click on the Database tab.
  • Setup some basic security filters at the web server level to reduce bad traffic to your site: Click on the 6G WAF tab.

More Than Just Tasks

Managing multiple servers and sites is more than just knowing what tabs to click on. When you have dozens or hundreds of sites scattered across multiple servers for dozens of customers, you need organizational tools. WPCD.Cloud excels in this regard:

  • Create color coded server and site groups
  • Add notes, descriptions and labels to servers and sites
  • Search and filter on multiple data elements such as providers, regions, groups and even the IP address

Protect Against Mistakes

Wouldn’t it be horrible if you accidentally deleted a server or site? To prevent those kinds of mistakes WPCD.Cloud allows you to turn on delete protection for any server or site. Once turned on, all options to delete are removed from the screens. No accidental deletions!

Wrap Up

We’ve been working diligently to make managing your own WordPress servers even easier. We know that you’re paying exorbitant fees to regular hosting providers and not getting enough in return. Save on those fees and pay only for what you need by taking control of the entire hosting process! We’re making it easier every day!

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