Everything you need to to manage your own WordPress infrastructure solution.

Cloud Agency

For large agencies requiring flexibility or businesses building large SaaSes.

Cloud Business

For larger businesses, developers and solution providers.

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For larger developers and solution providers with customers in multiple regions.

Cloud Basics

Everything you need to get started with your own WordPress infrastructure solution.


Important Free Plan Notes Your free plan everything you need to build your own high-performance WordPress servers on servers you control. This allows you to achieve major performance-per-price unit gains! All the normal features you expect in any hosting plan are included: free SSL certificates, high-performance page caching, object caches, firewalls, server & site tweaks, backups etc. However, you free plan does come with important conditions to prevent abuse – please review them below before creating your account – we don’t want you to be surprised later. 1. Site & Server Limits Limits The free plan is limited to 2 servers and 10 sites built on servers in your DigitalOcean account. No other server providers are included 2. ADVANCED FEATURES Feature Limits Only the NGINX webserver is included. Advanced features such as server sync, WooCommerce integration, REST API, teams etc. are not included. 3. ACCOUNT DELETION Inactive Accounts Accounts that do not have an active connection to DigitalOcean, does not contain servers or does not contain active sites will be deleted after 7 days. We do not want to keep inactive accounts around – use it or lose it! 4. LIMITED SUPPORT Support Support is limited in free plans.  Support…