Feature Release 5.8

WPCD.Cloud 5.8 is a small release with just a couple of new features and a few fixes.

New: Support for PHP 8.3

You can now run sites on PHP 8.3 under NGINX.

You can do so for OpenLiteSpeed as well but with restrictions. In particular, object caching isn’t supported. This is because OLS binaries for REDIS and MEMCACHED have not been updated for it. As such, we do not recommend using PHP 8.3 with OLS at this time.

As with other PHP versions, you can:

  • Set PHP 8.3 as the default for all new sites
  • Disable it if you’re not using it on a server (saves a little bit of memory usage)
  • Enable it as the server wide PHP CLI version when running things like WP-CLI or other PHP scripts outside of WordPress. (The PHP CLI version is used by the CALLBACK scripts and for triggering CRON and running WPCD BETTER CRONS.)

We’ve updated the PHP NOTES help document on our parent site to include a section for PHP 8.3. If you’re interested in using PHP 8.3 in WPCD sites, please read it to understand the limitations when running WordPress on it.

New: Experimental Support for Ubuntu 24.04

We’ve started support for Ubuntu 24.04. As you might expect though, there are a significant number of limitations. Some of them are:

  • Only NGINX servers are supported
  • Not all 3rd party packages are supported
  • It (Ubuntu 24.04) has known bugs that affect certain minor areas of WPCD

You can read all about the features and limitations in the help doc on our parent site: WPCloudDeploy Ubuntu 24.04 Help Document.

Providers that Support Ubuntu 24.04

Only about half of our providers support 24.04 at this time. These are:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode/Akamai
  • Vultr
  • Hetzner (x86, ARM not supported)
  • Exoscale
  • UpCloud

Once the remaining providers offer up default Ubuntu 24.04 images, we’ll add support for them.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Tweak: Updated WP version list to latest versions.
  • Fix: Healing tab threw errors under PHP 8.x when using the ADD METAS option that simulate Monit being installed.
  • Fix: Copy database from REMOTE to LOCAL was not working because of an incorrect parameter (Thanks @batonac).
  • Fix: An edge case where sometimes the front-end UI would not render because it could not find functions in the wp-admin/includes/post.php and similar WP core files.
  • Fix: Workaround for new Ubuntu templates on VULTR servers with OPENLITESPEED – need to force a new /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg when installing MariaDB by using the –force-confnew Dpkg option.
  • Dev: Add filter wpcd_wpapp_get_full_temp_domain.
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