Feature Release 2.6.0

The FireupWP (now known as WPCD.Cloud) July update is here with a couple of new features. And, of course, tweaks and fixes to existing features.

New: Custom links to servers and sites

With this new feature, you can create custom clickable links that show up in the server or app list. You can create links that, for example, connect you directly to a particular server page on your cloud provider or that connects you directly to your MAINWP page for your site.

Links are created in the Descriptions, Notes & Labels section at the bottom of a server or site page:

If you spend a lot of time working in the panel you’ll love the time savings these can provide – once you set them up.

New: Server Level Email Gateway (Experimental)

Most cloud server providers prevent you from using their servers as email servers. And that’s for good reason of course – none of them want their IPs being blacklisted because of a flood of spam from one or more of their servers.

But, this causes an issue. It means that every installation of WordPress has to have an SMTP plugin or some other dedicated plugin to relay emails that WordPress generates. Otherwise, no emails are sent.

To help with this issue we’ve provided for the installation of an email gateway. When you install it, all email originating from the server will be sent using the SMTP server you specify.

For advanced handling of emails you might still want to install an SMTP or other dedicated plugin on a site. But this at least saves you one step if you have a server where you intend to install a lot of sites.

We’ve tagged this as experimental primarily because we’ve seen some instances where emails are still not being received after being sent or are just being blocked. In those cases you’ll end up having to resort to an email gateway plugin on a site by site basis.

Minor improvements

  • New: A label is now added to the server and app title columns when deletion protection is turned on.
  • Improved: Free up space on the application list by moving the data in the ip, provider and region columns to the server column. Added settings option to split out into their own columns for users that prefer that.
  • Improved: Add option to show the TEAMS column on the servers and site lists. Now the default is to NOT show them since most users do not use teams.
  • Tweak: Add our specific styling to the INSTALL WORDPRESS button so that when admin skins are applied to wp-admin, they button does not look grayed out. The default is now white on green.

Fixes and Misc

  • Fix: Throw an error if adding an sFTP user that already exists in another site. Before, we just updated the password for the existing user which caused all kinds of confusion.
  • Fix: The disabled label was not showing up on the site list unless the option to show the app description label was also turned on.


We hope you like what you see in this July release. All features mentioned are available now in your account.

We’ve got a lot more cool things for you on tap. But it is summer and so we’re likely to slow down the release cadence. The next feature release is probably not going to be any earlier than August. Bug fixes and such will, of course, be pushed out as necessary.

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