Feature Release 2.3.0

Heading into the end of May we’ve got another feature release for you.

New: Notes for API Keys and SSH Keys

When you’re managing a lot of servers across a multitude of providers you might need to keep notes on api keys and ssh keys. Instead of keeping those notes separate from WPCD, we’re now providing a small text field so that you can store your thoughts right inside the settings screen where these values are used.

Notes field for API Keys
Notes fields for SSH Keys

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Tweak: Some web server configs did not like the use of colons in command names or file names so replaced those with three dashes instead.
  • Tweak: add password instructions to install wordpress popup
  • Fix: Command log screen – Need to check to make sure the parent post is valid before attempting to retrieve values from it.
  • Fix: Make sure a returned item is an object before attempting to call a method on it.
  • Fix: Column name being returned from an action hook function was incorrect.
  • Fix: JS script not loading because it was attempting to load a ‘select2’ dependency that didn’t exist.
  • Fix: Remove SENDMAIL install from scripts because it was not interfacing properly with WordPress.
  • Fix: Check to see if an array var is set before attempting to use it. Set a default value if its not set.
  • Dev: Updated required plugins from metabox.io
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